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Super-Seal the Building Envelope Super-sealing the building envelope is the single most cost-effective measure builders can take to improve the energy efficiency of a zero energy home. Super-sealing the building envelope is the single most cost-effective measure builders can take to improve the energy efficiency of a zero energy home. Install Energy Efficient Lighting Minimizing energy use for lighting, while optimizing light for residents, learning solidworks 2015 pdf is an important feature of zero energy homes. The following lists many serious energy problems that the world faces today. Differences in how utilities and jurisdictions address payment for energy that is exported from the building into the grid can impact project economics and should be carefully evaluated.

Aging gas pipelines are not being properly maintained. In a net zero site energy building, for every unit of energy the building consumes over a year, it must generate a unit of energy. How long will you refuse to use the sunshine that falls for free on your home every day? Ask your next architect and builder if they live in a home or work in a building that has utility bills. Once efficiency measures have been incorporated, the remaining energy needs can be met using renewable energy technologies.

My mother was pure love and affection. Is this the kind of moronic leadership that our depressed nation needs during our current energy crisis? The solar-heated pool was to O F with heavy winter snow on the ground. Today, almost no builder would consider using wood in a commercial building. We will miss him very much!

Most importantly, they are very affordable, with styling just like any other home. Their cold thermal mass draws heat from the upper floor of your home, increasing your heating bills. Do not compromise with architects who have created the worst problem facing the world today - Bad Building Architecture. By following these steps, you can build a new home that is cost comparable to a conventional home. Killing trees is killing our source of life.

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Thousands of people wanted a tour of our home. If this was not true, I could not say it. We want the entire world to share our sustainable success, in harmony with Nature. The joint between a masonry fireplace and the adjacent wooden stud walls often leaks air and needs frequent time-consuming maintenance. Everything we will become begins with our imagination.

Net Zero Energy Buildings

Despite all of the misleading greenwash, there is no such thing as a sustainable tree plantation - All destruction of native forests damages the natural environment in multiple ways. In my professional career I have been a consultant to a broad spectrum of rapid-growth technology companies. We must learn from the past, but not dwell on it. We never intended to build them for others.

My Account View Cart Checkout. Damp insulation encourages expensive thermal conductivity. Prospective home buyers incorrectly think that a fireplace adds value to the home. Pollution from the byproducts of combustion kills about a million people a year. Monoculture tree plantations destroy the biodiversity of the native forests that were clear cut to make room for the plantation.

See our Differentiating Characteristics on this webpage below. Travel trailers caravans provided by U. They have more components that can fail in a deadly way. With our images we make the world. We donate the time and expense of our websites for the betterment of the world.

With support from President Carter's new U. Many conventional energy sources result in emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, etc. Use the Sun for Solar Tempering Using the sun for heating through south facing windows during the winter lowers heating costs. The back of our solar-heated indoor-swimming-pool home faced south. Applicable to all building types and space types.

Man can be as big as he wants. Heavy wood-timber buildings and log cabins are the worst violation of this important environmental preservation principle. In general, the simpler the shape, the fewer the number of corners, the more energy efficient the building will be. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.

Thank you for your interest! You have probably seen pictures of a burned-down house where only the fireplace is left standing. Masonry is very thermally conductive.

Net Zero Energy Buildings


You have some great ideas and it sounds like it is just what we need to do. Instead of drawing attention to a man-made building, our goal is to draw attention to the majestic beauty of Nature, which surrounds us in great abundance.

Heating oil price is increasing rapidly. The air lost through any chimney or vent must be replaced expensively by infiltration of dirty, unconditioned, outside air through every crack around your home. This causes condensation in the porous concrete, which is an excellent habitat for the growth of mold, mildew, algae, viruses, bacteria, and other unhealthy microorganisms. We wanted a home that was a day-a-year luxury resort. Select framing strategies that make it easier to insulate the building envelope and minimize thermal bridging.

In Northern Hemisphere buildings, the south side faces the equator. When water comes in contact with reinforcing steel, it rusts away over time. The escalating price of energy impacts low income people the most.


Poorly-maintained gas appliances and plumbing fittings can and do kill people with toxic gases, explosions and fires. There are no tax deductions for high energy bills - No return on investment for money paid to utility companies you just increase their profits. Most planted seedlings do not live for five years.

There is no existing megacity on our entire planet that should be imitated in the future. If bedrock is close to ground level, basement excavation can be very expensive. This reason has nothing to do with technology. You may safely check out our other websites for free.

Several proven, air-sealing approaches are available. Why pay more for ugly worse performance? Thank you for your interest - Please check back for new additions to our website. Gas cook stoves emit fine particulates that gradually damage the lungs and brain of people who spend time in the kitchen.

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Natural-convection air flow makes the upstairs too hot and the downstairs uncomfortably chilly cold - every day of the year - summer and winter. Wooden buildings are easily-and-frequently blown apart by predictable precedented windstorms - often resulting in serious occupant injury or death. They almost-always lack elevated holistic perspective. Life-cycle cost analysis should be used to evaluate the economic merits of various systems over their usable lifetimes.