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The characters were developed well, the humor kept me entertained, the steamy scenes being inferno hot didn't hurt either. Took me a minute to remember why I recognized you. Natalie stumbles across Shivaree after trying to find help when her truck is disabled. She is mesmerized by Flynn's power and even more aroused by how turned on the other woman is. He intimidates the mean boyfriend.

Is there a esconder part to this book? There is a warning in the front of the book - it should be taken seriously.

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My full review will be in A Love Thing anthology, but I wanted to leave a small review and rating for this book as well. They both have their faults and insecurities, but it is their open honesty that is so endearing! He strode through the cavernous hotel archway, turning a corner on the other side and disappearing from sight. Being in Laurel's head is integral to enjoying the unorthodox sex scenes. Flynn asked, hands still guiding her hips, mouth at her throat.

Like a fucking dialysis machine I have to drag around behind me, making everything into a big fucking hassle? It's Fifty Shades of Grey on steroids, but with better writing skills and styles entwined.

But there is an actual storyline here as well - although it really wasn't explored quite as deeply as it could have been. She wanted to keep holding on to him, and let him lead her into these shadows. Of course Laurel shows up for the fights and is fascinated instantly. It met my expectations completely on both accounts. Yes, he's into some edgy stuff in the bedroom, but the author makes it very clear that Flynn would never go beyond what a woman wants, and would always stop if she said stop.

The scene where ccara two finally come to terms with the emotional willing victim by cara mckenna of their relationship gets me every time I read it. Quotes from Willing Victim. Be warned that this is Willing Victim, which I read at least a year willing victim by cara mckenna, william cooper pale horse pdf with some extra padding to fill it out. But Cara McKenna is good at pushing those boundaries for her readers. Cara McKenna writes sensual and serious erotica for the thinking woman.

What McKenna writes so well in her erotica novellas, is the unraveling of the male character and his complete surrender to his partner. While sitting in a park trying to read, another couple is having a domestic quarrel that is getting out of hand. Grateful he might be in her corner she she decided she was ready to learn how to be strong again herself. He sat down next to her on the bed, hands clasped between his knees, wary eyes on her face.

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Add in the underground fighting, his personality and the way he fucks well Flynn is just the complete package for me even if he doesn't like coffee tsk tsk. Flynn offered her something raw and dark, not for the weak. There is something about this guy.

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She's discovering the world of fighting, rough sex and role-playing. You have a hot, dirty talking, underground fighter that's into some verra interesting things. Laurel shoved her book in her purse and went after him. Let's get down to business.

This book is full of boxing, rough romance and intense scenes. Laurel heard the squeak of a sneaker and whipped her head around as the guy grasped his girlfriend by her fleshy upper arm, rough enough to bruise. When Laurel expresses her nervousness, Flynn calms her nerves in a way that both explains what they're doing and gives a glimpse into the kind of person Flynn is. Everything moved at a good pace. Having a man actively not try to hit on her was strangely alluring.

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Not many explanations will be given about why they like the sex they like. She has taken a break from her routine day. Ultimate List of Rock Star Books. The altercation paused until the woman had gone, then escalated. Even it's only for fun, but I could feel something more between them.

But you keep treating me the way you have been, and I will. That is such a considerate thing to do and speaking as a woman, I love it when men do this. He is actually a very sweet guy, and wonders never cease because the man who doesn't think he is relationship material starts to cuddle. Laurel had hit an emotional wall in the last couple years and being so close to all that aliveness felt good.

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Although Flynn and Laurel are very likable nonetheless. Immediately she is attracted to him with his raw masculine energy and she finds herself asking him out but unfortunately she is turned out. Strange how he managed to be the one who took things too far.

The description of Flynn alone got me all hot and bothered He looked both lean and heavy, raw and bruised and tattooed and feral. Because although he is a master at rough, he also has this keen, innate sense of what his partner wants and what she can handle.

She swallowed and winced, accepting the violation, trying to welcome the sensation. Then the couple had arrived. Laurel is not your typical heroine. Tell the guy working that Flynn invited you. She felt powerless and pissed and worthless, probably just how this obnoxious girl felt.

She jogged to flank the man, having to crane her neck to meet his eyes. Both develop feelings which were not part of the original plan.

Other books in the series. His comes across as elusive and he is bossy with that sharp tongue of his. Laurel didn't feel intimidate with Flynn since their first met. Though he can enjoy traditional sex he prefers rougher sex. This offer is made by his female partner.

She repeated the syllable a few times, guessing it was his last name. The book is f cking good but too f cking short. Let's take a moment to appreciate the hero in this book, Michael Flynn. He was bare to the waist, powerful muscles lit stark by the white light, sultry by the red.

She craves something different, something new. If you are stuck in a book funk, like I was, and you need some thing to get your temperature soaring and your mouth salivating then this is the book for you. Flynn may fuck like a demi god, but he's polite, honest, and did I say considerate? They're comfortable with each other. Truth be told, sometimes I felt like an intruder, a voyeur.

Read pdf Willing Victim E pub TXT by Ross - Issuu

Patrick's Day - a good looking bruiser from Southie with his buff body and tough exterior. Laurel started to open herself with Flynn because she's in love with him. He really is a decent guy. He isn't the type of man who afraid with commitment.