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There isn't a plot really. For example, why does the northern boundary of Minnesota protrude into Canada? Andrew Carnegie became the richest man in the world and died.

PDF The 42nd Parallel by John Dos Passos Book Free Download ( pages)

They were basically paragraph long stream-of-consciousness-like descriptions about various events in the authors life. These characters were struggling to eat, to establish careers.

The 42nd Parallel 1930

They say their new vessel is unsinkable. Open Preview See a Problem? Cummings and Robert Hillyer. In addition, he uses various other devices to set the mood, describe the celebrities of the day, and describe personal stories. Besides overuse of conjunctions, these radicals spend the rest of their time sitting on trains and getting divorced.

42nd parallel north

Whenever he read about anything he went down in the cellar and tried it out. If I had to use one word to describe my feelings overall towards this book it would be disappointing. That's pretty much the entire plot. It never bores or underwhelms. Dos Passos was the guru, the wizard, the sage, the virtuoso.

One bed is not enough, one job is not enough, one life is not enough. Somewhere along the line, he had become lumped in with Sinclair Lewis and Theodore Dreiser. The stream of conscious writing is not difficult to follow. In other words, the linear, character-driven chapters give a street view, while the Camera Eye and Newsreel chapters provide an overhead view.

Why do the boundaries of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah consist entirely of lines of latitude and longitude? The bits woven throughout - the Camera Eye bits and the bits of biography and the Newsreel bits - are confusing and meandering. With so much other material to read, it is doubtful I will ever waste my time on the other two books in the trilogy. One line in the middle of book caught my attention which I feel adequately describes the overall mood of the book. People migrate to different cities so that Dos Passos can name-drop and capture the American experience by pinpointing various locales across the country.

Most characters are carried onto the other books. Dos Passos tells jumbled chapters of interwoven stories about a handful of characters. Highly enjoyable book once you figure out how to read all of Dos Passos new literary devices such as Camera Eye and Newsreels. He enjoys his life despite the stress.

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The 42nd Parallel 1930

The area around the parallel in this region is known as the Twin Tiers. Over his long and successful carreer, Dos Passos wrote forty-two novels, as well as poems, essays and plays, and created more than four hundred pieces of art. The problem is that on audio these all ran together, so that you might miss the transition and all of the sudden the characters and story has jumped somewhere else. The answers to these questions and many more can be found in this book, international days list pdf which explains why and how state boundaries are placed where they are.

Dos Passos portrays the everyday situations of the characters before, during, and after World War I, with special attention to the social and economic forces that drive them. They read novels by Arnold Bennett and thought of themselves as bachelor girls. Finally, interlaced in the text are several somewhat poetic, somewhat gonzo, biographical sketches of prominent figures in the era. Reading is, at its best, a creative act, which requires the reader to interpret and infer.

His narrative has a similar pace and rhythm as the biographies. Here's what I think you might find useful and new. He provides a snapshot into American life without developing a story or any of his characters. On average, I finish almost one book per week.

42nd parallel north

Edison worked out the first systems of electric light using a direct current and small unit lamps and the multiple arc that were installed in London Paris New York and Sunbury Pa. Other books in the series.

Richly illustrated with maps. Dos Passos must have been a large influence on Doctorow, the two books share a similar time frame and themes. Eventually they converge and begin to play parts in each others lives.

It's compelling, but not necessarily ground breaking or momentous material considered by itself. Army Overseas Education Commission allowed him to study anthropology at the Sorbonne.

When the war was over, he stayed in Paris, where the U. Everyone with anything to say about this book mostly already said it. Everyone in this book is bent towards the future, almost obessively so.

Would the book have been better if its loose plotline had not been interrupted with abstract fragments? She will put on the most amazing costume and carry it with perfect sangfroid.

It won't make it, I think, compared to some of the other contenders. And sometimes I am tempted to give a dated book extra credit because I get to study history while reading a story with plot and characters. The chance that I would have picked up Dos Passos without his appearance on The Lists is probably relatively small.

The meat, though, is the individual stories that wend their way through. Would the book have been better if he had limited the number of characters, focused in on a select few, and really developed them? However, one of the reasons On the Road is considered by some to be the great American novel is because it so ably distills one particular pie slice of U. Oh yes, a true testament of the almighty Law of Murphy, moving to a new city was bound to place things in my path toward the completion of volume number one of Dos Passo's ever-revered U.

The first two pages is some of the greatest prose I've ever laid eyes on. The world was my oyster to paraphrase some hack writer from England. First off, I'm already on record as being underwhelmed by the hallowed novel I'm about to mention in my forthcoming bold statement. Where labor leaders are portrayed as thugs, generally in the hip-pocket of mobsters.