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He put effort into everything after getting used to it. The writing style was rather quick and easy.

The complete emotional shutdown Wren experienced when she rebooted could have been used better. Five years ago, Wren Connolly was shot three times in the chest. Due to the fact she is stronger! This was such a cool, action-packed sci-fi and a well executed idea. There was also the fact that, when Reboots come back from the dead, for some reason they're more attractive than they were before.

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He was a-freaking-dorable. The action was great, and the bloodiness was on point! It's a new idea and something I want to continue reading about. We got some insight, but it was mostly speculation.

Callum is the worst trainee. And moreover, you're telling her she shouldn't care? Maybe it's because he stated a point Wren was never able to notice.

Do that thing where you look blank, like you have no feelings at all. Fast-paced action around every page which was my fave part because she just takes them down like nobody's business. Sex and love went together.

Plus, Wren was just an awesome main character. Set in a future Texas where a plague has broken out, scientists have discovered a way to revive dead people. If she got distracted, she was able to get herself back to the top and go back to her previous thoughts, not letting other thoughts distract her mind from the real focus she had. Still, she has her flaws and insecurities and my heart just went out to her as I got to know her.

In fact, I didn't even realize that it's sort of a zombie tale until I read a review describing it as one. Also Wren's character was lost towards the ending, once the story was going to fast, I felt like the author lost sight in Wren's capability and her lack of emotions. Some things do not add up with instinct and morals that a basic human has. Wren, one-seventy-eight is the best of her kind and has the highest number. From then on, we're told, and shown, having the novel told from her point of view, that she is cold and ruthless and tough, and for that duration, I loved Wren's character.

But it totally lost me somewhere along the way. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. There is nothing truly remarkable in here.

Amy Tintera wants to read. However my problems starts with the concept of this whole society. As well as that, despite my rant above concerning the development of Wren's character, I did like her character very much, and I liked Callum's character even more. But she has also never felt as alive as she does around Callum. That's how science fiction works.

And what I'm looking forward to, is how Wren and Callum will successfully become rebels. World-building was lacking, too, and it left me totally dissatisfied. There are several reasons, really, the most important in my opinion being that it brings a breath of originality into an oversaturated genre. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. My eyes shifted back to his face to see a smile spreading across his lips.

If it was, please do tell me, because I'd really like to know. God, I hate it so much when a book does this to me. It felt like I was just thrown right into a situation without knowing anything about it, and no one would tell me. She's the kind of girl who kicks ass and takes names.

Reboot (Reboot 1) by Amy Tintera

Which made her seem aloof. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account.

Reboot (2013)

Wren is the deadliest Reboot in all of New Texas until Callum shows up, and suddenly she becomes a limp noodle. She is well known for having the highest reboot number in all of Texas. Wren is the highest number and the deadliest Reboot in the Republic of Texas, she is cold, emotionless and completely focused on following orders and completing the task at hand. Tintera expertly develops Wren's relationships with Callum and Ever, the romance is gradual and sweet and Wren's friendship with the latter is told excellently. Gruesome and exhilarating, pavement engineering principles and practice pdf Tintera shows us just how much dystopia or post-apocalyptic can expand to and adore.

When she would or did, her mind would go back to where it was and she was able to focus again and that was something else I liked about her. All the possibilities and room to explore. Brandon Sanderson write-in. How would someone accept this? Insta-love at its finest, and an insta-love that didn't make any fucking sense.

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She tells us she's the best among her peers, and she attributes this to her being emotionless. The plot holes are so large that I could navigate the wreck of the Titanic through them. Firstly, it favored romance as an explanation over the mythology of the world and the world building. It got annoying after awhile. The change in Wren happened far too quickly and their connection smelled too strongly of instalove.

Reboot (Reboot 1) by Amy Tintera

His humour falls flat too often and he fails in his obvious objective of being the moral emotional core of the story in contrast to Wren. Buttered Rosemary Smashed Potatoes with Burrata. By no means was Wren a interactive character, she keeps to herself as after all, her humanity levels are relatively demolished. She didn't care about the world for five years and suddenly she is all caring?

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Changes were made and I was so gald. No one broke through her barriers, her walls. That's completely unnecessary. Most of the time I was just sitting there hoping he would shut up.

Wren was dead minutes after being shot in the chest. He disobeys orders because he can't stomach the violence. Callum totally earned himself a top spot on my Book Boyfriend shelf with his personality, his chivalry and his sweetness.

Because to be honest, I somehow enjoyed the cuteness of the romance between Wren and Callum since Wren is the deadliest and the least emotional among the Reboots but it's too much. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.