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Integrated Device Technology Inc. There was some changes to the power supply from the prototype. This is entirely possible with the new type B tube. Proudly powered by WordPress. Therefore it is recommended to limit the discharge currents from these.

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An estimation of the power output this amplifier is capable of is to look at the full output tube plate voltage swinging across the primary side of the output transformer. The User Kruesi on diyaudio. The equipment manufacturer. To measure the bandwidth of the amplifier, this is done at half output power of the clipping power. It did however not show any difference in measurements on the audio analyzer.

Explanations are written on each screenshot from the oscilloscope. Read this document about safety! Code examples will be made public later when the software is thoroughly tested. There is some problems with hum that will have to be investigated. There is no point in running hotter than this.

Before turning on the amplifier for the first time the bias balance potentiometer is adjusted to the middle position and bias voltage adjusted for most negative voltage possible. That voltage will be out reference voltage.

The first pictures show the output without any interference with the circuit. The wave form with the lowest amplitude tells us that the pin currently connected to the ground clip is the pin connected internally to the outer foil layer in the capacitor. As I wanted to build mono blocks I contacted the company that originally made the transformers and had a second identical power transformer constructed at a very reasonable price.

We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website. Notify me of new posts by email. This first adjustment can be done with amplifier on at full voltage but with the output tubes taken out.

50W 6P45S monoblock tube amplifier

The amplifier circuit itself is soldered directly on to the sockets and a ground bar runs through the middle of the amplifier. Tube Voltage Drop The tube voltage drop is substantially independent of anode current. Incorporating a special anode cooling jacket and a rugged thoriated. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Absolute-Maximum ratings are limiting values of operating and environmental conditions applicable to any electron tube of a specified type as defined by its published data. Of course a tetrode or pentode could also be used for this at the expense of great complication. Next step is to analyse the noise in a spectrum analyzer. The slight sloping of the square waves shows that the low frequency response is good and that the response of the amplifier is pretty flat.

Before this, I had built a version, which had only single ended input, and it was rather noisy. The greatest performance gain was however from removing a ground loop, the faster diodes did not have such a dramatic effect, it was hear able, but not on the magnitude of removing the ground loop. The test housing is all made from scrap metal and so will the final version be. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Kindly inform me the availability of Out put transformer and the main power transformer for this project.

The filter capacitors on the power supply board are mounted on the normal side and all diodes and resistors are mounted on the backside. The bias circuit is restricted to fit my purposes, application x pdf it gives me a range of mA for the bias. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The output transformers can however not handle this output power so the bias will be adjusted for lowest power but still in the linear range. Pictures and illustrations are copyrighted and written permit is needed for commercial use.

Your email address will not be published. Here is a video of the first time the amplifier is working at full input voltage and negative bias adjusted for mV over the cathode resistors.

This shows that film capacitor can have a sort of polarity when it comes to very sensitive circuits. Switch the connections around to perform it at reverse polarity. What comes next is a long journey to locate the source of these oscillations. The amplifier will just have to be driven in a sane manner and never played with maximum input voltage.

As I only had old used tubes, I tried to change the output tubes but without any improvement, not even after four different. The output transformer is damaged from internal arcing and I will have to buy a new one. It is primarily intended for use in flyback types of power supplies. Parasitic oscillations still occur.

The limits given in the tube ratings cover these factors. The second issue was the coupling capacitor in the input circuit before the pre-amplifier. Changing the diodes gave a difference in the sound from the switching spikes. If I get one to borrow from somebody, then data will be available.

The exact value varies, but under the. The yellow wave form with the highest amplitude show the induced noise by touching it as it was installed. This outer layer will also function as a shield in high impedance circuits and that pin should be connected to ground or the path with lowest impedance towards ground. There are no measurements yet, as I do not own a scope.

Very important and very effective! Tube sockets and transformers are placed to minimize influence between components and the possibility for lots of airflow around the tubes.