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The module can be used for log repair, prediction of core permeability or in a classification mode for prediction of core facies. To help speed up the process the Regression Function Comparator runs through all the models giving each a rating. Parameter mineral endpoint crossplot. In log repair mode the user selects a few small training intervals and the trained network can then reproduce the whole log extraordinarily well. Launch multi-well interactive crossplots and histograms for selection adjusting of parameters for all wells and by zones.

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Any of these plots can be mini-plots in a track on the log plot. Discriminators can be used to limit the data use in the models.

For other uses, see Petrel disambiguation. Crossplot shows the Vcl cutoff has a strong effect on the result of the Av Phi Res parameter. The Saturation Versus Height Curves module is used to apply the derived functions to multiple wells and zones. The Statistical Analysis module is a suite of modules that allows the building of models to predict log curves, core data, solid converter pdf para mac facies and rock types.

Petrel Fundamentals

This varies each parameter separately and then plots the change in results for the change in an individual result parameter. The Cut-off and Summation module allows multiple cut-off to be used to calculate net pay and reservoir. The Fuzzy logic module divides the data up into user selected bins and uses probability theory to predict the likelihood of data being in a bin. Well Headers allow the user to enter and save well attributes and other important position, default petrophysical parameters and log acquisition data. It uses standard matrix algebra to solve for the fit coefficients.

This provides a quick and easy method to develop a consistent multi-well interpretation for the user. The module can be used to predict core facies or core permeability.

Due to the speed of the techniques used, the same interactive features that are used in the standard analysis modules are available. The software is also used by universities and is an excellent tool for training geoscientists and engineers. The fuzziness of the prediction is shown in right track The Multi-linear regression is useful for predicting core permeability from log data.

The mineral solver enables the most complicated models to be built. The Multi-linear regression is useful for predicting core permeability from log data. The user works interactively on the plot and decides the depth of the top of the bed based on the theory of lateral logs and geological knowledge of the formation. There is an auto-dip routine which also has a semi-automatic mode where the user picks a single point on a possible surface and it will calculate the best fit sinusoid.

Petrel manual.pdf

IP is truly unique in its approach to petrophysics. For the expert

Different functions can be developed for each unit in a reservoir. All steps will be shown in detail with screen shots of the necessary figures. Model creation grid simple to use and understand. The user can edit the Sw values in the first row of the grid in which case the other parameters will be recalculated. When the Save Project As dialog box appears, specify the name and location of the project.

It can be a single well for a quick look interpretation or a multi-well and multi-field database. Plot shows that the biggest influence on the average pay porosity in zone one is the Vcl cutoff. Electro facies shown in left hand tracks. Drawdown and multiple drawdown analysis can be performed to determine mobility and hence permeability.

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Petrel E&P Software Platform

Plot shows a core facies prediction. Electrical Image with basic dip picking. Once the clay volumes have been determined the Porosity and Water Saturation module is run. Interactive Petrophysics gives rapid results.

Petrel Fundamentals

Each set can have a different top depth, bottom depth and data step. Petrels are tube-nosed seabirds in the bird order Procellariiformes. These clusters are then either manually or automatically hierarchical clustering regrouped into Geological clusters. Home Topics Documents petrel manual.

Petrel manual.pdf

Petrel E&P Software Platform

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Multi-curve crossplots shows cluster grouping Plot shows a core facies prediction. Popular in Applied Science. Interactive lines allow adjustment of most parameters including, Rw, Rmf, clay parameters, hydrocarbon density. By Rangga Jenni Nursulaeman. The Log Sw versus Height Functions module is used to generate Water Saturation Sw versus Height functions from interpreted log saturation and optional porosity and permeability data.

The suite of modules in the statistical prediction package includes fuzzy logic, multi-linear regression, neural network, cluster analysis and principal component analysis. Along with the fluid-substituted density and sonic curves, both fluid-substituted Acoustic Impedance and Poissons Ratio curves are calculated and velocity and sonic slowness curves are output. Once the user is satisfied that the input parameters are suitable fluid substitution is performed on the data at the well step increment. The fuzziness of the prediction is shown in right track. If the project explorer or the process diagram windows are not shown, they can be displayed from the View menu command using First Petrel Explorer and Second Petrel Explorer respectively.

The user sets up a formation mineral model and a set of input logs - the program will then use this information to calculate the most likely solution. Default end point values available for most tool equations and minerals. Interactive lines can be used to set cut-offs on the log plots as well as crossplots.

The user clicks on a parameter line and drags it to the new position. Separate equation for each Pc curve option - Fit each individual Pc curve and then combine the parameters into a Combined equation using of three basic function types, e.

Discriminator logic can be used to select the data. All windows are either docked or float. Clay type distributions using the Thomas-Stieber technique can be made. High sample data from electrical and acoustic imaging tools are stored in array curves. Similarly, the mineral properties can be entered or selected from a menu of minerals.

Quick and easy to make with interactive mineral parameters which when moved recalculate the model automatically Interactive Pickett plot where Rw amd m can be picked. This allows laminated shaley sands to be analysed. Launch single well interactive log plots for zoning and adjusting of parameters on a single well.