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The Indian National Congress formed the Government in various provinces, after the general elections, which made the life of the Muslims miserable. It was from this platform that Syed Ahmad Khan strongly advised the Muslims against joining the Hindu dominated Congress. He was convinced that the Muslims in their attempt to regenerate themselves, had failed to realize the fact that mankind had entered a very important phase of its existence, i. To create an atmosphere of mutual understanding between the British government and the Muslims. To persuade Muslims to learn English education.

It was declared the official language, and all official records were written in this language. This situation provoked the Muslims to come out in order to protect the importance of the Urdu language. This spawned a negative attitude amongst the Muslims towards everything modern and western, and a disinclination to make use of the opportunities available under the new regime. Above all, his gifted son Syed Mahmud, a renowned scholar, jurist and educationist, was a great source of help to him. Makli Graveyard images along video with History.

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Besides his prominent role in the educational uplift of the Muslims, Syed Ahmad Khan's writings played an important role in popularizing the ideals for which the Aligarh stood. Thus it succeeded in achieving its major objectives, i.

Pandit Moti Lal Nehru presented certain constitutional proposals in which he ignored the rights of the Muslims. Leave A Response Click here to cancel reply. It later became the political mouthpiece of the Indian Muslims and was the forerunner of the Muslim League. Click here to cancel reply.

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The headquarters of this movement were in Allahabad. The reason for opposing Urdu was that the language was written in Persian script, which was similar to the Arabic script, and Arabic was the language of the Quran, the Holy Book of the Muslims. The movement grew quickly and within a few months spread throughout the Hindu population of the northwestern provinces of India. In order to oust the British from India, the Indian people fought the war of independence but lost. For the grant of constitutional reforms in the sub-continent a deputation under the leadership of Sir John Simon visited India.

Pakistan's leading authors and columnists are also part of Website. Site also cover wars, conflicts and most beautiful and amazing places of Pakistan. Therefore, in order to attain these goals, Sir Syed launched the Aligarh Movement of which Aligarh was the center. The Muslims of the sub-continent launched a movement to safeguard the Holy places from the British during the First World War. Therefore, el apostol de la consolacion lldm pdf modern education became the pivot of his movement for regeneration of the Indian Muslims.

Their efforts resulted in the liquidation of the Mughal rule and the Sub-continent came directly under the British crown. But this movement completely altered his point of view.

Seeing this atmosphere of despair and despondency, Sir Syed launched his attempts to revive the spirit of progress within the Muslim community of India.

During the last days of the Muslim rule, Urdu emerged as the most common language of the northwestern provinces of India. Allama Iqbal, during a meeting of All India Muslim League, presented the idea of the grant autonomy in the Muslim majority areas. Hiran Minar is the Biggest trendy picnic spot around Lahore. To persuade Muslims to abstain from politics of agitation.

This conference met every year to take stock of the educational problems of the Muslims and to persuade them to get modern education and abstain from politics. This tendency, had it continued for long, would have proven disastrous for the Muslim community. During these elections the Muslims League won with overwhelming majority and proved that the Muslims Leagues alone was the exclusive political party of the Muslims. The British had always looked upon the Muslims as their adversaries because they had ousted them from power.

He tried to transform the Muslim outlook from a medieval one to a modern one. He was in favor of reserved seats for Muslims and also promoted the idea that Hindus and Muslims are two distinct nations. This society was involved in the translation of English works into the native language. All Rights Reserved to Visitpak. He knew that the realization of the very fact was the source of progress and prosperity for the British.

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To produce an intellectual class from amongst the Muslim community. The opposition by the Hindus towards the Urdu language made it clear to the Muslims of the region that Hindus were not ready to tolerate the culture and traditions of the Muslims. In order to diffuse political tension he proposed the transfer of power to various stated after ten years. In relation to the Nehru report, the Quaid-e-Azam presented some proposal on behalf of the Muslims. This idea led to the Two-Nation Theory.