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In this statement, replace the namespace java with the namespace lg. Then action is added to the Reply stage. The keys are a convenient way to identify a message. Insert an new element into the message by adding an element action in the configuration, described in this section. Each project is represented by a project folder on the console.

From the Operation list, select processLoanApp. Your email address will not be published. It was not deployed on any server. To save and activate configuration changes in the current session, you must click Activate after you have completed making a set of changes. Activate Save the current session's configuration to the run time.

Oracle SOA Tutorials

The Dutch payload has to be transformed into Foo Inc. The fields that you can change for a given example are highlighted on the examples page. In the Project Explorer, select the MortgageBroker project. Add required folder structure as per your naming standards.

In the Prefix field, enter lg. When you create a Validation stage, message processing is more modular since the configured validate actions logically break down the message flow. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Change the stage name to Reply, then click Save. You can add new project folders and navigate the project trees.

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Oracle Tutorials

The Edit Stage Configuration page changes to display routing table configuration page, as shown in the following figure. Select the namespace option and enter the fully qualified new namespace to be substituted in the message.

Oracle OSB-SOA-BPEL Interview Question and Answer Part 1

You must complete all the tasks in this section before you start the tutorials. Pipelines can include one or more stages, which in turn include actions.

Each page also provides basic instructions for executing the examples successfully. Click Activate in the Change Center to activate the session.

Click Activate, and then Submit to save the session configuration information. Each resource type is represented as a sub folder within the Project folder. Click Save to save the configuration.

Remember me on this computer. You can collapse and expand folders as required by clicking them. Notify me of new posts by email.

In the Operation list, select the processLoanApp operation. Select LoanSaleProcessor, and click Submit. They can be accessed or modified by actions in the pipeline stages. Once in the session, you can continue to modify the resources.

Oracle SOA Tutorials

Technical Support Get help from Oracle Support. Oracle Technology Network Articles. To test the loan, you must first deploy the client jars in the Oracle WebLogic Server console. Hi Shiva, thank you for this wonderful tutorial. As you have heard before, basic math symbols pdf this is an amazing tutorial and I thank you.


Complete the following steps to create the necessary resources. Repeat above step for all other folders. Perform the steps in the following sections.

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You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. The Project Explorer pane is opened in the navigation pane and a project page is displayed in the console. End to End Auditability, Control and Reporting.

Will get back to you once I get any issue while practicing. In the left pane, click Variable Structures.

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In the User Preferences, change the Dashboard Refresh Rate to the desired rate and the Alert History Duration to the amount of time you want to keep pipeline alerts in the Dashboard. As we have a proxy folder, select that and press finish. Click Add to add expression to the Expressions textbox. This logic includes such activities as transformation, publishing, and reporting, which are implemented as individual actions within the stages of a pipeline.

Select body from the Variables Structures list. Click Validate and Save to validate and save the expression and return to the Edit Stage Configuration page.