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The Roman siege of Jerusalem was over. This refers not to the false Messiahs of which he had spoken, Matthew but to prophets who should appear during the siege of the city.

The proper context of the Olivet Discourse is the desolation of the temple, not the end times. Much prophetic confusion has resulted from a failure to understand that the Olivet Discourse involves Israel, not the church, and refers to a future eschatological age, not the past or present one. Marks recording of the Olivet Discourse says nations, not the whole world, as in the whole earth. Their cares were this-worldly, beekeeping at buckfast abbey pdf not heavenly.

Again Messiah is telling His disciples what they would face before the desolation of the temple. Matthew This can have two meanings. Jewish historian Josephus documented the time of great tribulation from A. It does not mean that these things were wrong, but only that such was their actual employment, and that they were regardless of what was coming upon them.

Understanding The Fulfillment Of The Olivet Discourse

So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Matthew Again Messiah is telling His disciples what they would face before the desolation of the temple.

The calamity would be sudden, and would come upon them before they were aware. He was scourged, thrown into prison, and afterwards crucified, A. Matthew The focus is on the desolation of the temple, which Messiah just left for the last time. The temple was vast, rich, splendid. He is also the founder and president of World of the Bible Ministries worldofthebible.

Titus took the captors prisoner, but let the believers go free. Clothes here means the outer garment, commonly laid aside when men worked, or ran. This was also a punishment used among the Heathens, as Gataker, and others out of Heathen writers, have shown. The trees around Jerusalem were filled with the dead bodies of crucified Jews who had tried to sneak out of the city at night to find food.

The Jews, however, drew up their army near the walls, engaged in battle, and the Romans pursued them, provoked by their attempts, and broke into the city. Nor if we may believe other histories did this prophecy fail as to the letter of it. The word wax means to become.

This is a clear statement. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Beyond Revelation

This can have two meanings. The Old and New Testaments fit together like a hand in a glove to reveal what is to come.

If famine and war should be suffered to rage. What will happen when Christ returns to Earth?

Understanding The Fulfillment Of The Olivet Discourse

PDF Seven Reasons to Divide the Events of the Olivet Discourse

Many men, pretending to be prophets, or foretellers of future events. To be turned, then from home, and compelled to take up all abode in caverns, would be a double calamity.

So sudden would be the calamity, that by doing it he would endanger his life. This merely sets the stage for the question of the disciples. For there will be great distress in the land and wrath upon this people. There is abundant evidence that this was fully accomplished. Luke added that there would be great distress to come on the Jews.

PDF Seven Reasons to Divide the Events of the Olivet Discourse

Mark, the disciple said, Master, what manner of stones and what buildings are here! He also preached in Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey, and in Greece. The Messiah was expected at that time. Andrew is said to have been crucified in Greece.

Understanding the Olivet Discourse

It reveals His interpretation of crucial Old Testament prophetic passages concerning Israel and the nations and serves as an inspired master outline of end-times events. It is reported that he was crucified in Britain in A.

PDF The Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24)

Messiah setup His kingdom. Be not, therefore, alarmed when you hear of those commotions. Which wars, the gloss says, will be between the nations of the world, and Israel. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. The Jewish leaders wanted Messiah to setup His kingdom, to overthrow the Romans, and to exalt them up as the leaders of the kingdom.

There shall be no escape for those whom it overtakes. The destruction of the Temple would have been considered the end of the world to the Jewish people, to whom Matthew was primarily writing.

Simon the Zealot, so the story goes, ministered in Persia. Neither on the sabbath day. Had that been the intent, the Greek word kosmos would have been used. These directions were followed. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

PDF The Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24)

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He was the only apostle who escaped a violent death. All this was remarkably fulfilled. They will only deceive you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.