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To copy images and audio recordings, simply drag and drop the file icon into a location in the computer. If the camera is overheating because of operating and ambient temperatures, the Anti- shake indicator turns red and the system will turn off automatically.

Turning the camera off will not reset the mode. This data is combined with distance information to calculate the camera exposure. Photographers can select a specific sensitivity setting.

Auto recording is the same as the program exposure mode p. When selected, the frame-selection screen p. Before recording, the monitor frame counter shows the maximum time in seconds that can be recorded. During the slide show, press the menu button or the down key of the controller to stop the presentation and return to the playback- mode menu. To copying images and audio recordings, simply drag and drop the file icon into a location in the Drive Icon computer.

Colors can be accented, positive value, or subdued, negative value. Page Specifications are based on the latest information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. The photographer selects the shutter speed and the camera sets the appropriate aperture to ensure correct exposure. White focus indicator - focus confirmed.

Two settings can be stored in the camera and used repeatedly. It is followed by detailed descriptions of the menu settings. Purchasing a new card periodically may be necessary.

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Image size is set in the movie menu. Changes are instantly visible on the monitors before the image is captured. Refer to the sections on the exposure modes for more information. Under certain conditions, the driver name may not contain the company name.

Page Macintosh The hardware devices to be stopped will be displayed. The function must be activated before the image is taken. This also reduces the autofocusing time when taking pictures. To enter text, simply use the four-way keys of the controller to highlight the desired character and then press the central button of the controller to enter it. Place the subject within the focus frame.

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Manual exposure is set with the exposure-mode dial p. Before formatting a card, french in 3 months pdf copy the data to a computer or storage device.

Test the card before important events. This mode uses no monitor indicator when active.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2 User Manual DownloadKonica Minolta DiMAGE A2 Instruction Manual

Before recording, the data-panel and monitor frame counters show the maximum time in seconds that can be recorded. Problem Symptom Nothing dis- played on the data panel or the monitors. To lock images in a specific folder, select single folder from the view-folder option and display the folder name containing the images below it p. This advanced metering system will give accurate worry-free exposures in almost all situations.

Single, multiple, or all images in a folder can be deleted with the playback menu. The four-way key of the controller is used to move the cursor in the menu. When the camera is plugged into the computer, the operating system will detect the new device and the add-new-hardware-wizard window will open. Data could be lost or damaged if the camera is not properly disconnected. The photographer selects the aperture and the camera sets the appropriate shutter speed ensure exposure.

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Center weighted - a traditional metering method in film cameras. Although the live image turns black and white, this does not affect the color mode in use. The number next to it indicates the channel in use.

The shutter speed and aperture values of the exposure are displayed on the monitors and data panel. The scroll arrows or magnification display will turn blue to indicate the active function. The degree of magnification is displayed on the monitors.

Do not ignore the following warnings. The smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field. The autofocus, exposure, and imaging systems will work together to make photography effortless. The affect of the Anti-shake system can be seen in the live image.


The printer-setup option uses the layout parameters of the printer. When using the continuous-advance or continuous-advance bracketing drive mode, an index display is used. Brightness is controlled in eleven levels. When replacing batteries, the camera should be off.

Keep your elbows at your side and your feet shoulder-width apart to hold the camera steadily. It may damage the camera, charger, and battery which may result in burns or injuries caused by heat, fire, explosion, or leaking battery fluid. Dirty contacts can prevent charging. This changes the paper-size option above to common sizes used in particular areas. Changes are displayed in the top right corner of the monitors.

This indicator is displayed when the camera is on. This section covers the basic functions in both modes. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the moving image and the larger the file sizes.

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Wiping may scratch the surface. Turn the control dial to change the aperture. Microphone Strap eyelet p. The menu button also closes the menu after making settings.


Adjustments can be made repeatedly and in combination. To format the memory card p.