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The main difference here is finding the Print buttons in the first place as iPad and iPhone apps often have very different interfaces. Once you find it, though, the iPhone and iPad steps above are the same for every app. If you open these on your iPhone or iPad, utopia.pdf printing them to pdf is an easy way to save them for reference.

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How to connect iPad to Printer without AirPrint

Is there anything like it in the way of apps? Much as everyone wants paper to become obsolete, it just stubbornly refuses to go away from our lives.

Inexpensive, fast, wireless charger for iPhone. The easiest way to save these locally is to add these documents to iCloud Drive or just email them to yourself. On the Mac, printing is universally available. Then touch and expand with fingers. These instructions are included for sake of completeness.

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AirPrint to PDF

On the Mac, it helps that apps almost always expose printing actions under the File menu. The process may take a few seconds, depending on the length of the item. Check out his personal blog. Expand the preview pages to fill the screen.

Need easy iPhone data transfer software? If copying isn't an option you can use a third-party app such as Printer Pro. Now you'll see a pop-up, asking you to select the printer. This is a great way to save items for later viewing or share them with others. Tap the share button in the app and tap Print.

How to Print PDF Files from iPhone or iPad without AirPrint

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But, I sometimes need to save a web page showing a receipt or a page that should be saved as a record. With iCloud you have to go into the iCloud Drive app after saving it and change it's name there.

Not sure about Documents since I do not use iPad for that. Quite a few times you might get an email with a ticket or have it on a website. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Then, you can print them from your computer which has connected to a printer. After you've installed the app, try these steps.

Then open the icloud drive app and tap and hold on the icon for the file you just saved. Message Benjamin over email or Twitter. Now you can share to any app of your choice via the share sheet. Since the original version, it's expanded into multiple screen sizes and Pro and non-Pro options.

They mentioned it was irritating that they had to go back into iCloud Drive and change it afterwards. Myra - This blog post introduces an absolutely free method to back up your iPhone contacts without iTunes or iCloud. To access it, just open Printer Pro, tap Documents and the pdf will appear there. But I am still without a clue! Win Download Mac Download.

If you don't see the print button, then the app probably doesn't have AirPrint support. It's very easy if the app supports AirPrint If not, you need to download a third-party app You can use this to save any Web page as pdf. If the app you are printing from supports AirPrint, then follow these steps. Open the file you want as usual in its app Tap the share button. This could be an Office document in Preview, a Keynote deck in iWork, an email message from Mail, or countless other examples.

Is there someone who could help me? Aren't we supposed to be living in a paperless society? Listen to Benjamin, every week, on the Happy Hour podcast. Previous Thread Next Thread. For more tutorials, head to the How To section.

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Print to PDF for iOS The killer alternative to AirPrint

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Search tags for this page. Communities Contact Support. Thankfully in many situations, such as when you're trying to show your tickets to enter an airport, soft copies of documents are accepted. Tap the share button on the bottom left.

If you email me, a human will respond. Actually yes, you can change the default name of the file in icloud drive too, it's just a bit hidden. This is my first time to post.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Now, I'm even starting to understand the passionate anti-Apple sentiment. Other apps have special menus which reveal a print button.