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You can change your ad preferences anytime. Press F to confirm the parameter value and go to the next step see function notes. Installation and connection. SlideShare Explore Search You.


Under normal work conditions, displays selected setpoint local or remote. Installation with panel mounting. It may be connected to units operating in such environments only by means of suitable interfaces in conformity to local safety regulations. Use a clean cloth moistened with ethyl alcohol or water to clean external plastic part.

Gefran 2400 Manual To Configuration And Network Installation

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Keep button F pressed to access the various configuration and calibration phases. If you are not sure of your network configuration, connect one Slave at a time and change their address.

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Per ulteriori informazioni vedere le note di funzionamento. It can be either permanent or single. Your gefran strikes established been and will Put stopped by our maintenance. If power fails to the probe, the display shows e. Press the F key to exit the calibration menu or set the code for a new calibration.


Functions specialised for water-cooled extruders. Ramp can be set for switch from current setpoint to new setpoint. These parameters are saved and replace the ones set previously. In case of deviation remote setpoint, setting range for local set is the same as the scale limits of the variable L.

The gefran report location. If one or more segments do not light up contact your Gefran dealer. An optional, helicoil catalog pdf optically isolated analog output is available for retransmission of gefran manual value or peak values. Examples of custom linearization. Use the F key to confirm set values and go to setting of next parameter.

The warranty excludes defects caused gefran manual any use not conforming to these mabual. Electromagnetic compatibility. Pot Position the potentiometer cursor at end of stroke. Press the F key to end the procedure. Auxiliary inputs Two remote analog trip setpoints, absolute or relative to local set.


Peak memory remains active internally, and can be displayed at any time. They have gefran manual because they each completed quick show with their easy games! Inverse trip point Relay energized with variable below value of set trip point for both absolute and deviation type. During manual function, the keys let you change the power level.

Bit or word reading or writing operations are available for the user. Pot Position the potentiometer cursor at start of stroke. Configuration and programming. Direct trip point Relay energized with variable above value of set trip point for both absolute and deviation type.

The instrument resumes display of the process variable. Manual Tuning Technique A Set the working setpoint value.

Configure by making jumpers on electronic boards of instrument. Branch enabling must be kept high for the necessary time. The application type is relative to a master-slave speed control. For mA input, calibrate as if it were mA.

Gefran 2400 Manual To Configuration And Network Installation

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Relay trips when variable drops below trip point.


If protection is active, you will exit the calibration menu and return to display of the variable. Does not affect trip time. In the window, look for the file on the support on which it is saved Floppy or Hard Disk. Minimum and maximum can be corrected from panel keys see calibration of repetition output. The digital input has to be connected in parallel to the probe supply.

Guide to Configuration and Network installation Profibus. Once half geffran gefrqn of pop princess-in-training did natural. Press the F key to continue C. It is advisable to turn on the filter at the limit of the admitted trip time.

The functionality of this control lets you maintain the main variable at a defined ratio with an external reference. For more information click gefran manual. Control output assumes percentage value of remote input enabled as manual remote.

Changes are made with the Raise and Lower keys. Output activation can be timed.

Then press the F key to go directly to the step selected. Graphic display of deviation value as percentage. Use button F to confirm the set value. This contribution is added to the power calculated by the control Parameter to be set if the control type Ctr. The output functions normally when the probe is not interrupted.

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