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The portrayal of the family bond was comforting. It hasn't become dated with time, either.

It has a gripping tale and characters that shine in their own ways. This is a true story, which nonetheless possesses the mythical qualities that cause a legend to live forever. Jan is another of the many Warsaw war orphans who somehow had met their father, and then fainted near the bombed out basement which served as home for the siblings, and was taken in by them. It's a simple, short look at a family ravaged by war, and the lengths they'll go to to be reunited. His dislike of the Nazi leadership was exceeded by an even greater hatred of the Soviet Army as it invaded Poland from the East less than a month later.

Re-reading it as an adult hasn't diminished that love. In short order he became a talented forger of Nazi documents, especially travel papers that allowed many refugees to escape the city.

Escape From Warsaw

Still published by Scholastic, this story got a very high rating from my daughter, and I have to agree. Then Edek and Jan are caught stealing from the American troops in Germany, and Jan must do a week of detention. Poland would be sealed off from the West for fifty years. Descriptions accurately depict the damage of battle, including before and after in Warsaw.

At some points the book feels almost rushed, and I'm not sure if that's supposed to heighten the chaos and uncertainty of the story or not but it felt out of place at times. Though based on true events, the characters were made up for the purposes of this story. The family tackles many obstacles on their way to reaching destiny, with a paper knife to guide them. It's possible that Jan, the last member of the group, could have been from a Jewish family, since his background is never really revealed. When their mother was arrested, Edek had secretly shot at one of the officers with a rifle, hitting him in the arm.

Totally strange and somewhat jilted writing style, surprisingly good story. Across the backdrop of war-torn Europe, the Balicki family faces many struggles to find their way back to each other.

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Because of past letdowns and disappointments, Morgan decides to embark on a self-directed mission to find a new husband, leaving God out of the equation. Their gripping story is taken from actual accounts. She is determined to make things happen for herself by any means necessary.

They hear nothing about him for two years, continuing to survive in the woods in summer and in Warsaw in winter. How do conditions in Warsaw change throughout the beginning of the book? All these years later I had vague memories of what the story was about, but very vivid memories of having loved it. His story isn't as shocking as other war fiction I've read, which does mean that the more interesting side of the history is often glossed over. Will they ever be reunited with their parents without the sword?

My largest criticism is of the use of what seem to me unreasonable coincidences to lead to the happy ending. Joseph is arrested and sent to a prison camp in Zakyna. Under different circumstances my story might have been one of denouncing Jews to the Gestapo.

It was their talisman and as long as they had it, they had good luck overcoming the obstacles they faced. The details provided in this book are both accurate and astonishing. At the ruins of his home, Joseph finds a silver letter opener in the shape of a small sword.

With the war raging around them, food and shelter are hard to come by. All through their journey, the silver sword has been an inspiration to carry on and find their parents. The book was published in but remains as relevant today as ever. Erwin Hoffmann Illustrator.

During a stint in prison, Morgan has a chance to reflect on the life she's lived and the mistakes she's made. He finds his wife was also taken by the Gestapo and the same night their house was blown sky high. In part, I wonder if Serraillier felt no need to describe in detail what too many had so recently lived through. His f Ian Serraillier was a British novelist and poet.

The writing is gripping, fast-paced and hooks the reader. Roughly the second half of the book is taken up by the reconstruction of the family. In my opinion it's a more engaging read than I Am David. Understanding and silence. What more can you find out about the places they visit?

Escape From Warsaw

Escape From Warsaw by Ian Serraillier

It's a novel which is based on true accounts, but what really makes it hit home as an important story is how realistic the characters are, and how they could easily be just like you or me. This lends a certain immediacy to the story which is, I think, offset for modern readers by the somewhat distancing style. The action then shifts to what really happened that night the mother was taken. The story is simplistic, the characters are one-dimensional and the happy-ending is unrealistic.

At their former home, they find a very ill Jan. What does the silver sword represent to the Balicki family?

He spends two years in the prison camp, ill but determined to escape, which he finally does manage to accomplish. Those who escaped the Nazis by moving eastward were better off, but were facing other dangers. But the story opens, not with them, but with several chapters in which their father is taken by the Nazis, locked in a camp, pdf books organizer and escapes and makes his way back to Warsaw.

Edek goes missing, and the reality of life as fugitives begins to take its toll. It could be a nice movie if This was a great book. What motivated these people to help the family? They find the boy with the sword and make their way to Switzerland also, among many adventures.

Download Printable Version. You become so invested in the characters and long for their family to reunite. Despite weeks of desperate searching, he is unable to find any trace of them, but refuses to believe they are dead. No main characters die, no torture or cruelty is described, and it has a happy ending.

Escape from Warsaw

Kiki was deeply worried about Julian's immortal soul, explaining that he could go to Heaven only if he became a Catholic. That said, it in no way diminishes my memories of what I loved about the book odd years ago.