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If not, they move back to their previous square. Please could you explain why on this website oxforddictionaries blog advice can be countable. Here is a list of some of the most common, easy to confuse uncountable nouns. Countable nouns are nouns you can count, and uncountable nouns are nouns you can't count. They do this by sorting a list of countable and uncountable nouns into their two groups.

Countable - Uncountable nouns - Interactive worksheet

English Exercises Countable and Uncountable Nouns

If a student manages to make a grammatically correct sentence with the quantifier and chosen noun, they keep the noun card and score a point. Some words can be both countable and uncountable.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Each student is given a copy of the worksheet. Do you not understand the meaning? Money and time spent went in vain as the scores remained unchanged. What do you think it results in my score?

When the students have correctly matched all the noun cards, each group is given a set of quantifier cards. This refers to only one strand of hair and is countable. The students are divided into groups of three or four and each group is given a copy of the game board, a dice and counters. That student is excellent! Each pair is given a set of countable and uncountable noun cards which they shuffle and place face down in a pile.

Guys, I understood that uncountable nouns can not be quantified. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. This refers to the mass of hair and is considered uncountable.

The class is divided into pairs and each pair is given a copy of the first card a gym. Students then take it in turns to turn over a noun card and place it under a countable or uncountable noun heading. Uncountable nouns always take the singular form of the verb. When students have a lower level of English, they learn the words are uncountable, such as cheese. So I need to keep regular contact with you.

What types of uncountable nouns are there? After a winning pair has given their answers, the other pairs of students score their cards.


Hi Liz Thank you for the post. The pair with the highest score wins the game. There are many different types of nouns in English. In the activity, students also learn to associate quantifiers and question words with each type of noun.

For example, apple, book, government, student, island. For each correctly matched noun, pairs win one point. This fun countable and uncountable nouns game is useful for teaching students the difference between the two types of noun. Hello liz Would you plz tell me why you have written both in front of some words? Regards, Mohammad Tanvir Hassan.

Countable and uncountable nouns are some of the most common mistakes that students make in English. Every noun is either countable or uncountable. And it can never be quantified with any number.

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Countable And Uncountable Nouns

Now I can learn form you make my student understand. This engaging activity can be used to teach students more advanced countable and uncountable nouns and which quantifiers and question words to use with each type of noun.

Get the Entire Teach-This. Students take it in turns to turn over a noun card and place it under a countable or uncountable noun heading. The first pair of students to complete their card with five countable nouns and five uncountable nouns wins ten points. Good morning liz You are doing a great job for the pupils who really need this information to get high band scores.

Countable - uncountable nouns exercises

Thank you for once again, appreciate your prompt response. In that case, it is uncountable. In this entertaining countable and uncountable nouns activity, wien bleibt wien noten pdf students play a game where they race to write lists of nouns for things they need in different situations.

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Each time a student puts a noun under its correct heading, they win one point. Again, please use your dictionary to check if you are using a verb or a noun. That is very useful information. Uncountable nouns are materials, concepts, information, etc. Hope you continue to sharing this type of tips in future.

You are doing a great job for the pupils who really need this information to get high band scores. There are some students in the classroom. Some use hyphens, some are one word together and some are two words separate. You are confusing noun and verb.

Obviously, uncountable nouns especially different types of food have forms that express plural concepts. There is some cold beer in the fridge. How do I start to learn English Language? Study the rules and examples below. Some words can be both countable and uncountable depending on how you use them or their meaning.

How are the two different from each other? Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Do you go there with your friends or on your own? It is both countable and uncountable.

Hi Liz, hope you are doing well. The pair with the most points at the end of the game wins. For me both looks grammatically correct.

As an extension, students add five more items to each list. The students are split into pairs and given a set of countable and uncountable noun cards. Objects, ideas, and places can all be nouns. This is uncountable and means I will take my custom to another shop. Pairs receive one point for every appropriate and correct answer.