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He takes any opportunity, even if it's just a few minutes between presentations, to put things down, either with pen and paper or on his laptop. Also there was some cussing a couple of times, which I could have done without.

Camp X (Camp X 1) by Eric Walters

Lastly, It was always suspenseful once the book sped up it was one of the most e This book is a very Brilliant book There are some cons but lots of pros to make it up. Krum was a spy and he took out a gun on jack and george. It was an easy read as well. He used his paper boys Jack and George to get him information about Camp X, and later betrayed them to other Nazi spies. In the book, it brings a first person view on what it would be like to be of German decent in a country fighting against the Nazi's.

For example, Jack and George got a gun pulled on them, they almost died. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. One evening, jack and his brother were coming back home after playing a game of war and decided to use the short cut.

But when the boys uncover an enemy plot that would put the lives of their loved ones in jeopardy and change the entire face of the war, they realize they're in deeper trouble than ever before. Is Jack's boss at the newspaper really amassing information for sinister reasons? For people that are interested about a real life story, this book has it all but it really isn't a real life story.

Just after they were so happy of becoming spies a terrible thing happened they were captured and forced to help the Axis destroy the camp. The front cover of Camp X.

The Camp X Series

His favorite way of improving the security is with Mr. Once the writing begins the story is always playing around in his head. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What worldview or religion would say that choice is ok or good one? But on the way, the boys were stopped by a couple of strangers.

Now they're hoping that life will return to normal. Like my brother, I agree that a downside to this book is the belittling and unkind remarks and ways that the brothers treat each other, especially at the beginning. You won't read where it was in any book.

Even though i have only read only read half of the book, I would still highly recommended to any mystery book lovers. Open Preview See a Problem? It's during the Second World War. While in Toronto, Fleming stayed at a hotel near St. They saw men training placing fake bombs preparing themselves for war.

With their dad gone off to war in Africa with St. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She notes that the novel does not glorify war though treating the Allied Forces as heroes. This book was written very well, and the story line was great, but the characters were very rude to each other, and were disobedient.

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They get away and warn the Camp X of the attacks that are planned. In the Commandant of the camp was Lieutenant R. George and Jack became secret spies for this mysteries camp X. Prior to entering teaching and writing Eric was a social worker B.

The Royal Gazette Bermuda. Also the story was believable and not really far fetched.

Finally, the author Eric Walters uses amazing word choices. For the novel by Eric Walters, see Camp X novel. Except to note that Walters needs someone to double check his German before publishing, I will add no more details about what I liked and the small things I disliked about this book. Each week, 70-417 study guide pdf they take turns trying to get in each other's security and the winner gets a box of cigarettes. They took care of each other in many ways and learned to respect each other more by the end.

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. And the thought that he was thinking during all those troubles that they have been through. Any records not previously destroyed were stored under the Official Secrets Act. Juvenile Fiction Thriller Historical Fiction. He was just following what his brother say or do.

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But then, one day, after playing hide and seek they stumbled into a military base. It has some moments that the author put in there. The words make it feel like its real life, he uses lots of strong and descriptive words. Secondly, With this book the pros go on and on but one of the books best is that it makes you think one way about a character then turns all of your thoughts around, Which keeps the book fresh.