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One Embankment Place, London. Morelands Rooftop, London. Williams-Scotsman chose to partner with Whitley Manufacturing once again for the construction of this office. The building serves as a fully-functional library space.

He has worked in construction most of his long life and takes nothing lightly. Edge Lane Hospital, Liverpool. As he approached a new opportunity to develop an office complex, he carefully examined the modular option, selecting Whitley Mfg. It is an example of the product that they distribute. Business Centre Vertas, Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Gdanski Business Center Building D. Baku White City, Azerbaijan. Modular Builders Fort Wayne Rd. Krisztina Palace, Budapest. Goeppert-Mayer office building, Katowice, Poland.

Whitley Manufacturing Co, Inc. Richmond Branch Office When an industrial equipment provider needed permanent office space quickly as the end of their current facility lease was rapidly approaching. Search Return to Whitley Mfg. Foresterhill Energy Centre.

Emerald Palace, Suzhou, China. Waitrose Supermarket, Stratford City. Olimpia Business Center, Cluj-Napoca. Carlton Fire Station, Nottingham.

La Caserne de Bonne, Grenoble. Carosello Shopping Centre, Milan.

Western Power Distribution, Spilsby. Greenstore Stamata, Athens. The AgPlus cooperative wanted a building that would be durable enough to withstand the rigors of grain elevator operation, while presenting a refined appearance to potential customers. Tribe Apartments, Manchester.

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When one of the world's leading shipping companies requested a modular building, we responded with an office featuring a curved facade meant to evoke the gentle curves of the great ocean vessels. Please check back regularly to follow the status of this building. The unique bends and angles of the building needed to be perfect, educar en verde pdf and they are. Read the full case study to see how Whitley Mfg.

Whitley Manufacturing

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Forum Business Center, Bratislava. Challenger Building, Guyancourt, France. It is an example of the best of modular construction. Park View Office Tower, Almaty.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery Process Buildings.

Ulonu office centre, Vilnius, Lithuania. Entertainment and Leisure.

Library project features one of the most unique uses of modular construction that we have ever seen. Construction is moving along, and the building should be completed very soon. Vila do Conde The Style Outlets. Noblis Business House, Poland.

Whitley Manufacturing

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One Southampton Street, London. With the challenge came a razor sharp deadline and a confined construction site. The building delivers space with a healthy respect for the historic architecture surrounding the site. Thameside Prison Living Unit. As the demand for grain expands, additional space is required to accommodate the growing staff.

Past Issues

The structure would need to be relocatable, durable and have the capacity for all production and personnel assets. Diageo Guinness Brewhouse No. Geelen Counterflow, Haelen, The Netherlands.

Helping create sustainable real estate around the world

The client desired modernity and the industrial-style interior with exposed trusses, ductwork and lighting delivered a modern look. Urridaholt, Gardabaer, Iceland. Elective Orthopaedic Theatres, Nottingham.