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Next, add some sawdust to the remaining mixture. The benign has continued toward the top.

Brick archways make a great entrance for your oven. You can also see that it was about this point in construction when we finally dug out the sand from the interior.

This is just enough time to open a few beers and prepare your pizza toppings. This is a project that has been on the back burner pun intended around here for several years. We didn't, we eyeballed it.

Made the insulation layer with Kiko suggestion of large wood shavings and clay. Then, before it dries, make a brick from the sawdust mix and compact it into place. Pretty much everyone will tell you to take time on this and you should.

Build Your Own Clay Oven Introduction

We wanted slightly more protection than a tarp without having to build a roof for the oven and this met our needs. Using the same clay and sand mix as before, build a wall to connect the oven wall with the brick archway. Build a stock pile of good dry wood and kindling. If the clay is very dry you will need to add some water, general aptitude test questions answers pdf but not too much!

See the picture for my planned layers and the estimated firebrick needs for the oven floor. We used a wooden board to compact and level the sand before putting down the firebricks that comprise the oven floor. Try to work out how to place them before you start securing them in place. The insulation layer makes the oven cool slooooowly so you can cook stuff.

It was a lot and yet somehow less than I thought. We publish a number of guest posts from experts in a large variety of fields. When it is finished, cover it in wet newspaper. Participated in the Outside Contest View Contest.

It didn't matter this is why I didn't put newspaper on the materials list. Place your second brick next to the first one and squash them together. The embers will help keep the oven hot for longer. This may take up to a week depending on the weather. The only thing I paid for was the sand.

Add the glue and then the clay bricks using the same method as before and cover the entire oven including the entrance. It is for bread that the insulation matters most and the reason my next oven will be super insulated. Once you pass that golf ball test, get to layering.

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Build Your Own Earth Oven

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Have fired it up a couple of times and made pizza and bread. We forgot to buy a newspaper. Ever since, the neighbors have been enjoying the smell of freshly baked bread drifting from my garden.

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How to Build a Clay Pizza Oven

For insulation we used a variety of root beer bottles and beer bottles from the side of the road. Let's say it was about cubic feet of clay per wheelbarrow load. You can see that we swept out much of the embers but also moved some to the sides in the last image. It seems the insulation is burning. It needs to be off of the ground because otherwise your oven will be difficult to use.

Empty one bucket of clay, and about half a bucket of water onto the tarpaulin. Make small clay bricks and compact them together. The answer is to soak a bunch of sand with a hose and form the interior of the oven to be dug out later. As we built the oven on vacation land quite a distance from our home, that wasn't the preferred method for us.

Instead, we covered the oven loosely with a tarp to protect it from the elements and let time go to work on the drying. My understanding now is that you want to mix your straw with a clay slip very runny clay and end up with as much straw as you possibly can just enough clay to hold it together.

Step 1 Make a Plan