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As an entrepreneur i highly recommend this book to other entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales and marketing professionals. Several reviewers complain that the book is more about selling his product and less on the ideas. Very helpful, managerial economics and decision making pdf I'm implementing a lot of his ideas and highly recommend the book to any small business person looking to grow.

Teach Yourself Teach Yourself. Book Yourself Solid gives you everything you need to fill your business with ideal clients. You might have seldom read it yourself. His free webinars are full of honest and solid training ground and he walks his talk, he is honest and he makes sense. The whole goal of the book is for you to learn how to get booked solid.

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There was even enough freedom in the method to add my own personal flair or twist on the lessons and still see success. It's rewarding to make your own herbal medicines.

Book Yourself Solid PDF Worksheets

Book Yourself Solid Illustrated by Michael Port

It brims with savvy advice and nearly overflows with practical, hands-on exercises. And he's a great presenter! Ultimately, I wish that I had my own business, so that I could apply these principles. How can I better listen to and serve my ideal clients?

Book Yourself Solid Illustrated by Michael Port

No sweat book

It will allow you to achieve all your goals, faster, easier, and with less strain than you ever thought possible. Now, on to the book itself. Even better are testimonials from highly recognized people.

Book Yourself SolidPort - Daily Success Deals

Identify types of referrals. Not all clients will reach this level. Be prepared to be amazed in a world of the mediocre and unamazing business information. More than a typical treatise on how to create a lead funnel, it is about serving with integrity and being rewarded for doing what you love. What a gift for absolute noobs like me entering the business world.

Richard Rumelt argues that the heart of a good strategy is insight - into the true nature of the situation, into the hidden power in a situation, and into an appropriate response. Facilitate the referral connection. But fascinating research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology has revealed another, far more likely possibility.

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What marvelous three days those were! Definitely recommend reading. Napoleon Hill was an American author who is widely considered to be one of the greatest writers on success. Remember me Forgot password?

Click here to review our site terms of use. While Port does a great job by providing these techniques, it is important to do the work and actually apply what he advices. The written exercises and action steps encourage application.

Port doesn't acknowledge nor see as far more important than the firmness of your handshake or how much you love what you do. This visual version is a great improvement on the original book - which was good. How do you write to bring it prospects to your sales funnel? Only a few of my clients were ideal.

Book Yourself Solid Workbook. The accompanying workbook does help with this. Electronic Data Interchange.

But, if you work it, it will work. Do you have brain fog or tire easily? Recognising who I am and what I have to offer, sets up any business person perfectly from the get-go. The first half of this was interesting and worthwhile but the second half was too outdated to be compelling. How can I cooperate with other professionals to create more abundance?

It is unfashionable to use this word above, I know. Download the complete book. Download book Discourses of power and resistance.

But I ask it because in order to create a gutsy, passionate, ardent, provocative, courageous, valiant, vibrant, dynamic, luminous, and respected personal brand, you must be fully self-expressed. No, it's not easy, but it's not as difficult as many people imagine - and it's definitely not impossible, as many cynics would have us believe. Topics include personal branding, talking about what you do, selling, networking, direct outreach, referrals, web, speaking, writing, and keeping in touch. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. McGinnis details a step-by-step plan that takes you from identifying your first entrepreneurial project to figuring out the smartest way to commit resources to it.