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In other words, it is not the purpose of an overload heater to burn open under an overcurrent fault condition, although it is possible for them to do so. They aren't connected in series with the motor conductors as is typical with smaller motors! For each of the proposed faults, explain why they would prevent the motor from starting. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of interpreting ladder diagrams, for people more familiar with electronic schematic diagrams, is how electromechanical relays are represented.

The problem must be electrical in nature! If electric motors are perfectly capable of running continuously at full load for years on end, why would a few start-ups be worthy of automatic lock-out?

Also, be sure to review with your students the purpose of fuses and circuit breakers. The results are inconclusive, because resistance for the whole fuse and holder assembly is not a reliably stable quantity.

Circuit breakers and fuses, on the other hand, protect an entirely different part of the circuit! Now when you mention it, I remembered this bridge. Be sure your students have researched this and know what these labels mean! Again, thank you so much for carrying me through this.

Since ladder diagrams are so common in industry, your students really have no choice. If your students understand this, they should have no difficulty understanding why overload heater contacts require time to reset after a trip. No, create an account now. Certainly, the resistive method is simpler, but does the autotransformer method have its own advantage s? As you can see, the symbolism in ladder diagrams is not always the same as in electrical schematic diagrams.

Using a clamp-on ammeter, you measure the current through each of the lines immediately after each fuse as another start is once again attempted. Popular in Energy And Resource. What is it about the construction or operation of such a relay that invites this dangerous phenomenon?

Therefore the motor does not need to cool down as long prior to the next re-start. It is the task of the overload heaters to protect the motor against overcurrent by mimicking the thermal characteristics of the motor itself.

Corrosion between one of the fuse ends and the fuse holder clip, for example, would increase resistance between the points where millivoltage is shown measured. There are several different methods of providing reduced-voltage starting for electric motors. How does this purpose differ from that of fuses or circuit breakers?

AC Motor Control Circuits

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Also describe what limitations this diagnostic procedure has, and how a clamp-on ammeter really is the best way to measure motor line current. None of the control circuitry start switch, overload contact, starter coil, ian fleming casino royale pdf pl etc. There is something wrong in this motor control circuit. This form of motor control circuit is very popular in industry. And a led to show that the circuit is on.

Electromechanical relays interrupt circuit current by drawing pairs of metal contacts apart, separating them with an air gap. One such diagnostic check is line current, to detect the presence of an open motor winding. Explain the operation of this system. Your multimeters are much too small to measure the large currents in this circuit, and connecting an ammeter in series with such a large motor could be dangerous anyway. Then, decide what your next measurement s will be to isolate the exact location and nature of the fault.

Here are some possible faults not an exhaustive list by any means! Likewise, they also cool off at the same rate as the real motor cools off when no power is applied. Question One method of achieving reduced-voltage starting for large electric motors is to insert series resistances into each of the motor's power conductors. From this he determines that the motor is not single-phasing, but is drawing approximately equal current on all three phases. Note that the details of the power supply are not shown in these diagrams.

Based on your observations of these two diagrams, explain how electromechanical relays are represented differently between ladder and schematic diagrams. An alternative to across-the-line motor starting is reduced voltage starting. There are different styles and variations of overload heaters, but they all perform the same function. Discuss this with your students.

It is not totally damaged - i hope. Describe one application where using a fuse as a current-indicating shunt would yield trustworthy information about the current. Discuss alternatives with your classmates. Also, explain the operation of this motor control circuit. An interesting way to explain the function of overload heaters is to refer to them as analog models of the motor windings.

Are the two sources necessarily the same? If there are other modalities please share. You should retain the snubber components. This is called single-phasing.

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AC Motor Control Circuits