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For resistance to high pressure. We also make use of tracking cookies to gather information about your activity and behaviour on our website. Cookie settings By browsing our website you automatically agree to the use of permanent cookies, session cookies and analytical cookies. Use in tanks with high temperature or pressure.

Events and fairs See our systems in use and consult our experts. Ordinary purified water, where the distance between sewage pumps and water tanks or between receiver tanks and supply tanks is long or where remote control is required. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Ordinary purified water or sewage water. Conductive Level Controller. Your form submission has not been successful. There are other models available on request.

For city water and other general use. The diagram shows the connections for water supply. Please log in or get direct access to download this document.

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Please accept our apologies and try again later. Greater China China Taiwan. In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

When mounting space is limited. Please read these updated terms by clicking here. Electrodes, connecting, and lock nuts. In this case nected to a set of stainless steel probes.


Omron 61F-GP-N Manual

Americas North America Canada en fr. These are cut to length and the relay does not de-energize until the water level falls below the inserted vertically into the liquid. Please contact your Omron representative for special request. The earth terminal must be earthed.

Use for sewage, sea water, etc. Liquids with low specific resistance such as salt water, sewage water, acid chemicals, alkali chemicals.

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Omron 61F-GP-N Manual

For acids, alkalis and sea wa- inside the tank is high, trodes. Europe Austria Belgium nl fr. Easy-to-replace separate versions for maintenance. Purified city water, industrial water, sewage, dilute alkaline solution.

OMRON 61F-GP-N8 Datasheet

OMRON 61F-GP-N8 Datasheet

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Liquids with high specific resistance such as distilled water. Purified city water, industrial water, functional movement systems pdf sewage.