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Current Regional AmendmentsICC IECC (2006) International Energy Conservation Code

The International Code Council uses a governmental consensus process to develop its codes. Energy-Related Amendments, Guidance, en 1504 9 pdf and Methodology.

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Highlight, bookmark, add notes, and even attach images within the code. The review committees held open meetings to consider the Codes and come to consensus on regional amendments. Numerous local amendments obtained from a regional survey were discussed. The Advisory Boards held open meetings to consider the codes and come to consensus on regional amendments. It is an open, inclusive process that allows input from all individuals and groups.

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Many representatives from cities and the private sector participated in these meetings. Committees hear all code change proposals. Many of them were eventually incorporated into the attached recommendations based on their benefit to business, industry, and property owners and their promotion of public safety.

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International Energy Conservation Code - Kingsport TN

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An appeals process allows anyone to appeal a code change. Code is available in softcover, loose leaf, and hardcover editions varying depending on the publication. The ultimate goal is regional uniformity in the model construction codes for the North Central Texas region. Cities should choose one or the other. Find every occurrence of a word or phrase and tag the results of your research to easily find it later.

The committee members feel strongly that municipalities, contractors, architects, builders, and manufacturers will benefit from the positive economic results coming from achievement of that goal.

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